Home Cooking

This time of the year makes me think of the Philippines.  I’ve only been there twice, but both visits were during Christmas and/or New Years.  My parents are from the province of Olongapo.  It’s a beautiful place, even with all the poverty.  It’s a much slower lifestyle when compared to America, and I love it.  People are a lot less concerned with the superficial and materialistic things.  They’re just trying to live, day by day.  Thinking of my family and friends in the P.I. makes me want to do good.  If your parents or relatives migrated here from another country, they’ve set up shop so that you can carry on tradition.  What I mean is that they made a move, and now that we’re in America, its our turn to make moves.  So take advantage of your opportunities and set up the foundation for your seeds.  Here’s some pictures  of my trip to the homeland during Dec. ’10/Jan. ’11.

From the rooftop of Lola's house - Olongapo City

I got my determination from the homeland

The story of "Ulo ng Apo"...look it up

The "Palengke" (market)

"Laziness is not allowed in Olongapo"

Burning candles in a church for MRD

"Sugal" (gambling)...these kids should be in school maaan

Barbed wire in the "Barangay" (neighborhood)

The Homies

Home cooking

Jeepneys in Santa Rita, Olongapo

My uncle's "tindahan" (store)

"Stations of the Cross"...up in the mountains

Dirt basketball court in the mountains

and a song by Bambu…


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