Lucha Libre

Southern California = San Diego = ?, another word that would be synonymous and complete this equation  is mexican food. There is no doubt about it that San Diego has THE BEST Mexican Food/ taco shops. A must have and favorite for either late night, breakfeast, lunch, or dinner. In San Diego Mexican food is like a religion glorifying either Carne Asada Fries or California Burrito ( carne asada fries wrapped in a tortilla).

A unique spot to stop by for some mexican food is Lucha Libre Located at 1810 Washington Street San Diego, CA 921110. Their whole shop is covered with luchador related decor.  I have yet to see another shop as cleverly decorated as this, it makes for an interesting atmosphere to eat mexican food in. The  food as well is delicious, puts a gourmet twist to the burrito in San Diego. Lucha Libre has also been featured on Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food and since then has been a big attraction in San Diego. The mole(salsa) collection is unmatched and definitely worth trying all,  I would recommend the green aioli type of sauce it adds an interesting taste.

Recommended: Surf and Turf Cali ( Carne asada, Shrimp , and Fries)


Facebook: Lucha Libre


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