As people we look for different facets and avenues to express ourselves.  We set ourselves apart, transitioning from “fitting in” to “standing out”.  From music, dance, style, speech, and script. Clothing brands have progressed to represent lifestyles developed in society’s urban sub-cultures; from hip-hop to rock, and the streets of the city to the suburbs. Individuals are no longer choosing clothing brands to represent them, but brands are tailoring their values and styles to the experiences of the people.

The GoodOnes coming out of San Diego,CA and the minds of those who maneuver through the struggles of mainstream society. Despite their hardships these individuals continue to Understand, Progress, and Influence. Through media design and clothing, The GoodOnes looks to break down the goody-two-shoes stereotype and present Good with an edge. The GoodOnes draws inspiration from the belief that it takes only One individual, One thought, and One action to make a change.

Be the Example. Get on a GoodOne.


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