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College students…

I understand that we’re all on the grind and we’re all trying to “do our own thing”.  But just remember that you have a community that will support you as long as you give back to them.  It really is “just us” when it comes to creating change in your community, starting your own business, or finding a career you’re passionate about.  So don’t forget about the people who surround you, because they’ll probably be the ones who help you get to where you want to be.

Bambu – “Just us” / “Iron Bam”

And just a reminder…

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Home Cooking

This time of the year makes me think of the Philippines.  I’ve only been there twice, but both visits were during Christmas and/or New Years.  My parents are from the province of Olongapo.  It’s a beautiful place, even with all the poverty.  It’s a much slower lifestyle when compared to America, and I love it.  People are a lot less concerned with the superficial and materialistic things.  They’re just trying to live, day by day.  Thinking of my family and friends in the P.I. makes me want to do good.  If your parents or relatives migrated here from another country, they’ve set up shop so that you can carry on tradition.  What I mean is that they made a move, and now that we’re in America, its our turn to make moves.  So take advantage of your opportunities and set up the foundation for your seeds.  Here’s some pictures  of my trip to the homeland during Dec. ’10/Jan. ’11.

From the rooftop of Lola's house - Olongapo City

I got my determination from the homeland

The story of "Ulo ng Apo"...look it up

The "Palengke" (market)

"Laziness is not allowed in Olongapo"

Burning candles in a church for MRD

"Sugal" (gambling)...these kids should be in school maaan

Barbed wire in the "Barangay" (neighborhood)

The Homies

Home cooking

Jeepneys in Santa Rita, Olongapo

My uncle's "tindahan" (store)

"Stations of the Cross"...up in the mountains

Dirt basketball court in the mountains

and a song by Bambu…

Lessons from Evidence

Evidence, he’s one-third of The Dilated Peoples crew.  He’s been a solo artist since 2007.  He’s one of the illest emcees and he stays out of the mainstream media.  He focuses on the music, not his ego.  Check out this interview where he talks about his mentality and how he’s been able to consistently put out dope music.  If you’ve been a Dilated fan, try to keep up with EV and the moves he’s making, it’s motivating.  And if you’ve never heard of Evidence, listen to his music and you’ll probably find something that resonates with you.

“Slow and low, what happened was this,                                                                        I stayed on my grind, and everything else became last on my list” -EV

Palace Skateboards in London

Create something for you and your community.  It doesn’t matter how small you start off, as long as you’re doing it.  We all have passions, why not pursue them?  Always keep things fresh.  Start something of your own.  Be the example, get on a Good One.

Mind and Body

Get your Mind and Body right on your way to success.  The two complement each other, they work together.  It’s like if one part of you isn’t working right, the other part won’t work right either.  It’s take time and effort to develop both.  But it’s all good, the journey is the destination.

“The key to life is running and reading…” -Will Smith


No one can take away the progress that you’ve made.  No matter how many times you’ve failed or how many mistakes you’ve made.  It doesn’t matter.  All that matters is where you’re at and where you’re going.  Would you rather take action or go through the pain of another failure?  We all have setbacks.  But it’s the people that push through those setbacks that achieve the greatest things in life.  You must never, ever, quit.  So stay on your grind, Get On One.

Are you ready?

You’re on the cusps of success.  Your mind starts to make connections.  Ideas start to flow.  Inspiration comes from the smallest of experiences.  You can just feel it.  The world is coming to you, and everything in it.  It’s like you’re walking to the starting line of a race.  And all those years of struggle, sacrifice, and preparation are about to explode into a sprint when you hear that gun go off.  This ain’t a sprint though, it’s a marathon.  The marathon of Life.  Are you ready?  Are you ready for success?  Keep on doing that hard work.  Keep on perfecting those skills.  Keep on associating with the right people.  And keep on pursuing your dreams and passions.  It’s there for you, you’ve just got to take it.

“Everyday I wake up to the sound of waves crashing
Make moves, it’s time to take action
More bread for the basket
No sleep, I do that when I’m in a casket
No patience, I take no breaks and no vacations
I can’t wait!”