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The GoodOnes Clothing Drive

Every year around this time we continue to receive blessings such as clothes from our loved ones. So we end up with a stockpiled of clothes that takes up a lot of closet space. So if you can help us out and take the time to take out the clothes you do not need the GoodOnes will happily take that from you and turn it into a blessing for the less fortunate here in San Diego.

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Look Book Teaser: Remmingtons

Here is the first teaser in the making of our Look Book. Big Ups to Sir Nolz for putting this together.  Check out our store & Like our FaceBook Page!!

Look Book Coming Soon

Here is a teaser of our upcoming Look Book and Line Up soon to drop!!! Keep up and Search for us on Facebook: The GoodOnes ( No space between Good & Ones lol)

Collection Teaser


New collection dropping soon… Here is a teaser from the photo shoot earliar today. keep up to date on our FB.

Dont Worry !! We did not forget about the raffle give away, Winner soon to be revealed!.

RedXRed “General” GoodOnes Snap Back


Win the ONLY RedXRed  “General” GoodOnes SnapBack by simply sharing the original post on Facebook.

Winner anouncment day: TBD, Keep posted on Facebook for up to date statuses.

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Two days ago apple changed its home page screen revealing the death of owner Steve Jobs. For myself I did not know much about him, but I knew alot about his products. It is amazing how his company’s innovation has affected lot of peoples lives on how they go about their day to day business. I myself own apple products, and it has completely transformed my life if you look at it in retrospect. Things that I could do now, 5 to 8 years ago would not be possible, like looking for a location to go somewhere right then and there, checking my account balance on the spot, basically anything on the spot that you would have to wait till you were home to look at on your home computer.

Recently, I stumbled on a youtube video on Steve Jobs speaking at a Stanford  commencement ceremony. Listening to what he had to say. his 3 stories show that just as innovative apple products are their owner had a mind to match. His story delivered a powerful message and I am blessed to have stumbled on it. One message that I really took from it is,” to do what you love and no matter where it takes you just have faith that the dots will connect.” It may not have been in those exact words but essentially it was what he was saying.  Pancreatic cancer claimed his life on wednesday at the age of 56, Here is the video of him at the stanford commencement ceremony , take time in remembrance of him to listen, and pursue what you love.

Lil Cease HardBody

Found these videos real interesting from XXL. Lil Cease Formerly known from being in BIG’s (RIP) group Junior Mafia has webisodes called Hard Body with XXL all about getting fit. Thought it was really cool how a rapper with the usually persona of being rugged & raw, takes the time and educates the